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Profit fluctuations should not impact social commitments: Kazutada Kobayashi, Canon India
The promotional activities can neither be confused with CSR activities, nor should any sales purpose be infused in the CSR programme. So when we are donating our devices for a cause, be it the eye-testing machines or the printing devices, we are not getting into the promotions of those products as that is not the objective at all.Read more...
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The Disunited State of CSR in India
Even before the CSR mandate came into effect, plenty of critics pointed out the potential pitfalls as well as the lack of clarity in the drafting of this law. For example, the mechanism for enforcing this law is quite vague and not spelled out clearly. Companies can even sidestep this requirement by providing ‘valid’ explanations. Read more...
BoscoNet beneficiaries: They lived to tell their tale
In order to understand the impact that their interventions are making, CauseBecause decided to hear it from the recipients of their services. While it would not have been possible to reach out to all, we have collated here a few quotes from some of the beneficiaries...Read more...
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In less than six months, the policy was revised, the impact areas were identified, and four flagship programmes with multiple projects under their umbrella were launched. The world’s largest two-wheeler maker, known for revolutionising mobility at the hinterlands through affordable motorcycles, has committed to add more value at the grassroots throughRead more...
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