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Road safety and CSR: Educating people one rally at a time
Often, CSR degenerates into mere tokenism – a tree-planting drive on World Environment Day, lights off for an hour at corporate offices on Earth Day, or the annual ritual of volunteer work at an orphanage for a few hours. Road safety is often subjected to such one-off efforts that are all bluster and offer little on substance. Instead of such meanRead more...
The Purkal ministry of women and child development
With the State grappling with this risky and unpredictable asset, civil society intermediations are imperative to bridge that yawning gap between expectation and delivery. NGOs have a huge role to play in channelling this segment of the population. Whether this sort of dependency is desirable is a separate matter.Read more...
Caritas India: Good work needs to be seen and heard too
BoscoNet beneficiaries: They lived to tell their tale
Pradan and the Indian SHG movement
Inde et Nous: Small NGO, big commitments
Shiv Nadar Foundation: Making education interventions count
The ethos of inclusive education that places emphasis on high-quality, research-oriented and results-driven initiatives guides the Foundation�s work. The underlying belief is that education can change not just lives but also the nation�s destiny...Read more...
Godrej: Innovating its way towards sustainability
CSR: Mahindra Rises for Good
Show me a Hero
Tata Steel Rural Development Society: Creating sustainable means of living

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