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The STAIRS way to heaven, or something like it
Sports in India is a bit like politics. Everyone has an opinion on it but that’s about it. We all know that one colleague who can rattle off every possible statistic on Tendulkar, the friend who can convincingly argue that Messi’s right foot is better than his left, the stranger who chides you for not remembering the last time the Indian hockey teamRead more...
Pradan and the Indian SHG movement
In Pradan’s model, social mobilisation is the basic building block – and the underlying philosophy is that in rural development people with the right capabilities are more important than material resources.Read more...
Inde et Nous: Small NGO, big commitments
Christel House: Breaking the cycle of poverty in classrooms
Sristi: Holding hands with the grassroots innovator
Vatavaran: The cleaning brigade
Show me a Hero
In less than six months, the policy was revised, the impact areas were identified, and four flagship programmes with multiple projects under their umbrella were launched. The world’s largest two-wheeler maker, known for revolutionising mobility at the hinterlands through affordable motorcycles, has committed to add more value at the grassroots throughRead more...
Tata Steel Rural Development Society: Creating sustainable means of living
Hitachi, living together with society
Pfizer India: Making healthcare its business
Sapient: Striving to be a serious global citizen

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