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Lamborghini says it is carbon-neutral. We are confused
If it is Lamborghini – who only makes supercars with double-digit cylinder counts, displacing over 5.0 litres to produce an excess of 600 horsepower – you will be hard-pressed to apply the term ‘green vehicle’. Read more...
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Pratt & Whitney introduces e-learning centres at 10 Bengaluru schools
Infosys Science Foundation begins teachers’ training in Mysuru
Haldiram’s food unfit for consumption, says USFDA
Child labour still a threat for over 4 million Indian children
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CSR leaders and non-profits form Silver Circle
Going beyond seminars and forums, in a not-quite-formal environment, sitting across a common table, Silver Circle patrons discussed at length a couple of subjects that otherwise do not get much attention and generally do not see a resolution. They had gathered for a morning of intense discussions at Jindal Centre in New Delhi, on 8 May 2015. Read more...
Inde et Nous: Small NGO, big commitments
A group of friends travelling from a foreign land could not tolerate the miseries of children in Indian slums. They decided to do something, take a first step in making a difference to a few, if not all. They sensitized their own people in another country about a few children's conditions in India, raised funds and established Inde et Nous...Read more...
Christel House: Breaking the cycle of poverty in classrooms
Sristi: Holding hands with the grassroots innovator
Vatavaran: The cleaning brigade
Dr Shroff’s: Charity began in a one-room eye clinic
Tata Steel Rural Development Society: Creating sustainable means of living
Tata Steel Rural Development Society (TSRDS) was established in 1979 to engage in various social development programmes in the rural areas within which Tata Steel operated its business, specifically the mines and collieries...Read more...
Hitachi, living together with society
Pfizer India: Making healthcare its business
Sapient: Striving to be a serious global citizen
Intel: Closing the digital divide

Thought Leaders at Coffee for Cause

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