‘What’s India? A nation where pizza reaches home
faster than an ambulance or the police, where you get car loan at five per cent interest
but education loan at 12 per cent, where a kilo of rice costs Rs 40, but mobile
sim card is free, where people worship goddess Durga but want to kill their
girl child…’ so stated Bollywood actor Salman Khan via social networking site

Khan literally bashed
the Incredible India campaign and further wrote, ‘when an Olympic shooter wins a gold,
government announces three crore rupees award for him, while another shooter dies
fighting terrorists and is compensated with a sum of a mere one lakh rupees. Really,
Incredible India!’

The actor later clarified that his previous posts were SMSes he
received and thought were worth sharing. By revealing his lesser known side to
his fans through the thought-provoking tweets, Salman certainly won many hearts.