Vision statement
To be a knowledge hub in the development and sustainability domain, and enable conversations among businesses, community organizations and people as leaders and consumers – to facilitate a change that is real and valuable for lives on this planet.

The little, little ways that will lead to the big, big turns
Without solutions, there is only jargon.
Without simplicity, there is no understanding.
Without understanding, there is no motivation and, certainly, no action.

CauseBecause is grounded in the two principles of simplicity and solution. The articles are meant to speak to each of us – to clarify the jargonic and technical verbiage around subjects that are meant to be understood by each citizen of the world.

CauseBecause believes that solutions are all around us. There are solutions in the here and now – and we will learn to recognize them when we understand the problems.

A community. A commitment. A chime.
Founded in 2010 in the national capital of India – Delhi, CauseBecause is a ‘community’ that brings together information and discussion on activities, initiatives and solutions in the causes, development and sustainability domain. It is a medium to facilitate communication and networking in this domain among the stakeholders of society – businesses, communities, social workers, individuals and governments – in other words, all of us.

CauseBecause intends to contribute to the understanding of the professional reality of NGOs as well as how diverse corporate groups align their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies with communities and their issues at large.

The belief is that the parallel pursuit of these related goals will strengthen each other and, thereby, make the pursuit of development and sustainability a practical and achievable final goal.

No driving day
This is the first-ever initiative of its kind in India and will be an annual date from 2011. The idea is to keep as many private vehicles off the road as possible. There are multiple objectives of this campaign:

Motivate each individual to contribute towards curbing vehicular pollution
Foster a mindset towards shifting to energy-efficient means of travelling
Provide a boost to public transport as well as create a parameter for testing the efficiency of public transport means
Make cycling a more widespread lifestyle statement – one that is effortlessly assimilated in one’s routine short-distance commutes
The campaign provides a platform for: individuals to assert their commitment to the environment; corporate entities to reinforce their corporate social responsibility and to extend their support through communication with their associates and employees and by means of advertising, in addition to sponsorship; NGOs to integrate their environment education programmes; and the government to improve transport infrastructure, to revisit urban planning, and to assimilate dedicated cycling tracks in the transport map of cities.

CauseBecause readers are corporate strategists and decision makers, members of NGOs, policymakers in government and social workers, individuals and governments.

CauseBecause readers are also conscious consumers who are motivated by the desire to make the right choice for the world they live in. They are educated and aware individuals with an active interest in developments that impact the quality of life at present and will impact the quality of life in the future.

CauseBecause reach
Organic traffic: Despite being a fresh entrant in the online space, CauseBecause, primarily due to its niche content, witnesses considerable traffic via search engines. Most of the organic visits on the site are unique.

Newsletter: The CauseBecause weekly newsletter is delivered to the inbox of a current count of over 35,000. The number is constantly increasing.

RSS feeds: CauseBecause allows subscription to its content through RSS feeds. A considerable number of stakeholders already receive content in ‘real time’ via feeds.

Social media: CauseBecause content is also being spread via virtual word-of-mouth in the online space through social media networks. The number of social media followers for the medium is steadily increasing.

CauseBecause magazine – a 50-page, full-colour bimonthly magazine – will initially have an intended circulation of 40,000, with estimated readership in the range of 120,000 to 140,000. The points of circulation will be subscription as well as availability at stands at relevant places across India.