Coffee-table book

Coffee-Table Book



A coffee-table book on Indias Most Promising Social Programmes?

One that will document the good work for posterity (books live forever, no?), make shining examples out of social projects that are transforming and elevating the human condition in a myriad ways? So that the rest of us are inspired, take heart, and believe? Yes, that is it.

The idea is this. Document the impact stories, understand and celebrate their success, and let the governments and all other stakeholders know about these stories. More so, create an exceptional podium for these model stories so that each business house or a non-profit who has not yet created such a story may aspire to write one. Yes. This simple it is.

But no, the book will not be a compendium of what companies claim their CSR is, nor will it be a compilation of CSR brochures of various companies. It will be a book of researched, measured, and factually verified impact stories. Stories that Team CauseBecause will write after gathering inputs from project sites, programme beneficiaries as well as programme-implementation agencies, and the supporting corporate group or donor organisation.

Imagining the Book

It will be a hardbound book with a jacket cover. The page count will be about 150–180 pages with. The size is 210 mm X 297 mm (ensures no wastage). Recyclable  paper will be used in the production process.

The colours will lean towards an earthy and organic scheme while retaining brightly coloured thematic hues for the graphic elements. The icons will be easily recognisable and each section of the magazine will be set off by a distinctive colour theme.