The best learnings of Padmaís experience of over 15 years in senior editorial positions are adding great value to CauseBecause content and focus. While her facility for the English language lends obvious leverage to what we publish, her seven years of studying, writing and conversing around responsibility and sustainability ensures that each of our stories makes sense.

Padma brings on-board her experiences from Encyclopaedia Britannica, where she was a part of the core editorial team; Q2A Media, where she was editorial lead; and Roli Books, where she edited some visually stunning non-fiction and coffee-table books. Her understanding of Indian business environments was enriched during her association with Images Group, where she handled, a leading news portal for the business of retail, and a bimonthly magazine Shopping Centre News; and also edited the Indian edition of a monthly management magazine GO. Besides, she was responsible for the annual publication Images Yearbook, a handbook for the business of fashion.

Leading content brands including Pearson, Macmillan, Hay House, Deloitte and Centre for Education and Communication too have benefitted from her expertise. While on-board with CauseBecause, Padma is also the joint editor of Consumer Voice, a monthly magazine focused at consumer education and published under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India.

In the last decade, Ranjan has hopped from hardcore dailies including The Indian Express and Hindustan Times to focussed business magazines and portals, to handling developmental communication of political leaders as well as corporate groups including Bharti and Fortis, to strategizing sustainability and social initiatives of business houses.

With a masterís in journalism and mass communication, with specialization in developmental and social reporting, as well as a post-graduate degree in advertising and marketing, Ranjan proficiently strategizes communication and corporate social responsibility (CSR) solutions. He frequently interacts with sustainability and CSR heads at corporate groups as well as NGOs and foundations.

With his in-depth understanding of international CSR scenarios vis-ŗ-vis developments in India as well as thorough knowledge of international reporting and accountability frameworks including United Nations Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) as also Section 135 in Indian Companies Act 2013, Ranjan leads the CauseBecause CSR implementation and reporting team for corporate houses.

Ranjan is also a prolific writer and regularly contributes for CauseBecause. On behalf of publishers and agencies, he has co-authored a few books including Brand Experience: A Marketing Mind-Game, the first book on experiential marketing in India, and Marketing Sarpanch, a book on contemporary rural marketing. He is currently writing on a practical CSR guide and a business coaching book focused at small business owners in India.

Support team
The in-house team comprises expertise in the areas of print layout design, web design and development, photography and film production, social media management, and content reporting and research.