CB Events

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Coffee for Cause brings together a cross-section of ‘responsible’ champions from various cause verticals for informal talks over coffee, to seriously discuss causes that matter. It is to know, converse with, and exchange ideas with people whose areas of work revolve around ‘causes’. This annual forum enables conversations that go on, to build relationships, and to give a boost to scattered efforts that are for one cause or the other.


a) To recognize Thought Leaders in the responsibility and sustainability domain

b) To be a platform for credible non-profits to present their impactful programmes

c) To be a knowledge- and ideas-sharing forum for decision makers

Silver Circle Meets initiate lighthearted yet meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee, extending into special dinner affairs for those more focused meetings. It brings together individuals who either make decisions or are in a capacity to influence ‘responsibility’ decisions.
Silver Circle is not an industry body; it is not a pressure group and certainly it is not a lobby. It is a meeting, talking, unwinding and smiling group of people whose professional lives revolve around social responsibility and personal efforts are focused at sustainable living.

Silver Circle members are social scientists and ideators who are committed to the development of the country, translating, shaping and realizing their visions through their company’s social responsibility arm, through a social enterprise, or through an organization that they work with.