Here is the full text of the letter written by Anna Hazare to the Prime Minister

Dr Manmohan Singh,

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

New Delhi

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,

We were invited for talks by Shri Kapil Sibal yesterday (7th April,

Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal went and met him twice.

Following issues were discussed:

1) The government agreed to set up a joint drafting committee
consisting of 50 per cent members from civil society.

2) The Government agreed that this committee should prepare its
draft law by such time so that it could be presented in the monsoon session of

3) The government proposed Mr Pranab Mukherjee to head this
committee. I request you to reconsider this as people are demanding a
non-political person as the Chairperson. Despite an outcry for me to be the
Chairperson, I am not interested in holding any position. I propose the names
of Justice JS Verma or Justice Santosh Hegde to be made the Chairperson.

4) All the above should be issued in the form of a notification or a
formal government order which specifies the constitution of the committee,
names of its members and Chairperson, time lines and terms.

Warm regards,

K B Hazare

Here is the full text
of the letter written by Anna Hazare to Sonia Gandhi.

10, Janpath,

New Delhi

Dear Mrs Sonia Gandhi,

I am really grateful to you for your concern for my health. I am
also relieved to note that you fully support the cause and think that ‘there is
an urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption in public life’ and that
‘the law in these matters must be effective and deliver the desired results’.

I wish to bring to your notice that the sub-committee of your
National Advisory Council (NAC) has agreed with the broad content of Jan Lokpal
Bill, barring two issues, after extensive discussions on April 4th, 2011 with
various knowledgeable sections of society.

May I request you to kindly get the draft discussed at full meeting
of NAC at the earliest and recommend the outcome to the government.

I await your early reply.

Warm regards,

KB Hazare