Disposable razors have significant environmental impact and potential detrimental effects on human health, aquatic animals and the wider ecosystem. Conveying this fact through a short video released on Earth Day, Bombay Shaving Company also sheds light on how this category of razors are a menace to our planet as their irreplaceable blades and plastic body contribute to 80% of all marine waste. Apparently, almost 200 million disposable razors are thrown away. Not just this, every time a ton of disposable razors is manufactured, 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide is released every single day. 

The video then proceeds to show how Bombay Shaving Company’s precision safety metal razor is a sustainable and environment-friendly way of shaving. Unlike disposable razors, safety razors are built to last a lifetime. These are recycle-ready, reduce plastic waste, and give a much better shaving experience, without hurting the environment.