Air pollution is ghastly, but there certainly is a lot of it. Everywhere in the world, there is a bit—in some places it’s more, some have it less. When the whole world had a lockdown period, pollution had decreased a great deal due to there being less people and vehicles around. Vehicles in particular cause a truckload of pollution. The lockdown is now over, even though the coronavirus is still there. 

Anyway, how can we keep the pollution levels low? Although the AQI in Delhi is not really going over 60, which is much better compared to the days before lockdown, we have to work to not let it increase. With lockdown over, and mostly everything going back to the same, it looks bound to increase. So now we must go over things to do (or not do), obvious or not.

  • Don’t go out as much. This isn’t always very easy, but you anyway have to do this, and it does help with pollution.
  • If smoke is coming from your car, it means two things: your car is on fire, or the more likely situation, you are contributing to air pollution. 
  • A huge thing we need to stop is the burning of crops. Do you know just about how much it contributes to the rising pollution levels? Even if you don’t, consider it a major part.
  • Don’t cut down trees! Sure, good things come out of cutting trees, such as paper, furniture, etc., etc., but we definitely need to work on this.

When I usually write things on ‘keeping pollution down’, I include using public transport. Nowadays it is quite dangerous to do so (owing to the coronavirus), and I am NOT asking you to. But riding a bike or walking is just as effective, and it’s something most people can do. If you are wondering how this helps with pollution, riding a bike or walking means not going by car or bus or something. And not going by a vehicle (bicycles don’t count) means another one off the road. And that means reducing pollution a bit! 

If only one person does these things, you will not see a difference. But if many people come together and follow these points, then you will begin to see the change. Please do so, and if you are still not convinced, look up just what pollution can do to you, and why we have to decrease it. Also, think of your own ways for lessening pollution. And share this with others so that they will start doing these things. The more, the merrier. And in this case it will restrain pollution as well, which is a win-win, isn’t it? Well, that’s the end of this article, but not the end of pollution. Continue with the ideas!

Ten-year-old Rayna is a reader first, and editor, writer, blogger, observer of nature and animals, painter, mechanic, guitar and harmonica player, etc., during her spare time. She also does duty as young thinker at CauseBecause, participating in crucial meetings and every once in a while pointing out stuff that her older colleagues miss. She blogs at: