Castrol India Limited, one of the leading automotive and industrial lubricant manufacturing companies in the country, has launched a carbon-neutral sustainability solutions programme to help automotive dealerships reduce their carbon footprint. Castrol will support automotive dealerships offset emissions and become carbon-neutral. As part of this initiative, Pratham Motors in Bengaluru has become the first Castrol-certified carbon-neutral dealership by offsetting 100 per cent of its operating emissions across all 12 of its sales and service locations. 

Castrol is supporting Pratham Motors by estimating its current annual carbon footprint and helping it transition to a carbon-neutral status by offsetting emissions from all its operations including demo and courtesy cars, electricity consumption in workshops, showrooms, and business travel. In addition, Pratham Motors will offer its customers the option to drive carbon-neutral for 10,000 kilometres by neutralising their vehicular carbon footprint. Castrol is offering this programme in partnership with BP Target Neutral.

Pratham will offset 1,459 tonnes of CO2e, equivalent to an individual taking over 8,600 flights from Bengaluru to Mumbai. 

CB’s questions on the offset mechanisms, duration of this initiative, and if the offset will be included in Castrol’s own carbon emissions did not receive a response from the company.