‘As we are working for the transformation of India, many
welfare schemes and infrastructure projects are being implemented under the
public-private partnership model. This has meant that the administrator and the
manager are working in partnership. Hence, businesses must incorporate social
responsibility in their functioning, so that they can contribute to national
objectives,’ said President Pratibha Patil at the inauguration of a management
institute in Delhi on February 23.

Patil pointed out that the corporate world should reach out
to the rural economy, which will be key to the country’s future growth. She
said that businesses must develop linkages – backward and forward – with
various sectors of the economy.

‘I think, I echo Shastriji’s (Lal Bahadur Shastri)
sentiments, when I emphasise that rural development is a priority for India. This
will bring prosperity to the population in rural areas, which will be key
to the future growth of the Indian economy, as it will expand the base of the
Indian market and increase the number of our entrepreneurs,’ said Patil.

The president also stressed on the need for businesses to create
greater opportunities for women in Indian industries including as managers and

The president further urged managers to have a responsible
approach towards the environment and incorporate social and environment angles
into their working system.