In an effort to create a common platform for conversations and
talks around changing dynamics of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the
country, CauseBecause has started a ‘Conversation with Organizations’ series.
The series will contain talks, interviews as well as stories of and from the
people in the social and developmental domain.

Apart from sharing their professional experiences and their
opinions on the new law’s implications and benefits, the decision makers from
the causes domain will also pen down their ‘personal’ thoughts for their
colleagues, friends and others connected with causes.

While Team CauseBecause is
personally writing to people in their network, the media associates and public
relation agencies of corporate groups as well as foundations and other social
entities too are penning down their thoughts for the series. Primarily, the conversations
in the first round will revolve around five points including how does the new CSR law impact their organization’s
focus and investment, are the projects implemented by the organization
‘sustainable’, and the journey of one project implemented by the organization
as also a personal thought or a message for the cause community.

has also planned a CB Certificate in CSR Strategy. The three-day workshop is
aimed at training middle- to senior-level management in all essential elements
of CSR. Beginning from conceptualization of CSR policy and approach – in sync
with company’s line of business – to planning of a sustainable social
programme, partnering with NGOs and other ways of implementing, the programme will
train on all stages of CSR strategy.

CauseBecause will
release the detailed concept note, the CB certificate’s content plan as well as
the profile of the trainers in the first week of November. The workshop is
scheduled for the first week of December 2013 and will be conducted in New
Delhi in its first phase.