Sponsoring education for children is big in the world of corporates. A recent initiative to sponsor the education of girl children is ‘The Intuit RISE – Educating a Girl Child’, launched in partnership with the NGO Concern India. For every female employee who joins Intuit India, the company will not only sponsor the school fees but also give young girls from rural areas access to life-skills training and extracurricular activities for their all-round development. The programme hopes to provide quality education and help these students improve their performance through after-school and life-skills support till the time they reach 10th standard. The aim is to positively impact 200 young girls over the next 2 years.

The initiative was kicked off by inviting the first batch of 15 girl students to the Intuit campus for a daylong programme that had a session on beating exam stress conducted by Prof. Rakesh. They also participated in teambuilding activities along with the new women employees. The company intends to continue with this programme for the long term and regularly conduct awareness sessions on various topics such as menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene, managing social life, and career counselling. In addition, Intuit employees will visit these students on a quarterly basis to counsel and engage with them.

In a press release shared with CB, Vijay Anand, senior vice president and head of Intuit Global Development Centers, said, ‘While we focus on hiring the top tech women talent at Intuit India, the other end of the spectrum shows us the gloomy picture of female literacy in India. This has inspired Intuit RISE, to enable us to take a few steps and make a meaningful difference in any way we can, and because we can. Next generation of India has opportunities and by helping these children, we will be able to grow the pool of talent. By getting help early on, they can have the same opportunities that we had.’