Bina Kalindi, a fourteen-year-old girl, has been fighting a battle against child marriage in her village Purulia, West Bengal, for years now. She diligently goes from door to door, spreading awareness and convincing families of the ills of this social evil. She was just twelve when she resisted her father’s efforts to get her married to an older man. Moved by her efforts, and to help her carry on with her responsible work, director-producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra has donated one crore rupees to her.

Chopra got to know about Bina’s efforts and a platform called Real Heroes. Real Heroes chooses 24 Indians who in their own small way are trying to bring about change and awareness in society in the fields of women’s empowerment, environment, and youth and social welfare, among others.

‘Child marriage should be eradicated completely. It is a social evil that destroys the innocent childhood and shatters the kids emotionally and physically. What Bina has stood up for is remarkable and very brave,’ said Chopra.

About the purpose of the donation, Chopra said, ‘It’s a help from my end. It is incredible what these people are doing. It requires a lot of courage to be selfless, but unfortunately, due to lack of funds, many of them are unable to continue with their goals and are forced to shut down.’

In its fourth year, Real Heroes is a Network18 initiative and will be aired on CNN-IBM towards the end of August 2011.

In the photo: Bina Kalinidi with yellow bag. Source: HT photos