Friendicoes, Delhi’s oldest animal shelter, has collaborated with, one of India’s leading gaming platforms, to provide aid to stray animals who have been left unattended during the ongoing global pandemic. This initiative is a part of the #FeltsForStrays campaign that was started by on 24 March 2020 and is continuing to feed and provide aid to stray animals.

Under this drive, the associated companies have been providing food to about 600 stray dogs, cows, monkeys and horses on a daily basis around the streets of New Delhi. With a contribution of over 10 lakhs made by the community to support the cause, this campaign has helped the homeless animals who were struggling to meet their daily food requirements.

Geeta Seshamani, vice president at Friendicoes, is hopeful that this initiative ‘will help us spread awareness about the cause and thereby inspire many others to help the ones in need.’

Mandy Seth, president of Friendicoes, informs that their teams ‘try their best to cover as many streets in Delhi as possible, from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and Netaji Nagar to Sarojini Nagar, Devli Khanpur, Sarai Kale Khan, I.T.O, etc.’ She adds that while hungry animals are to be found at railway stations and many commercial places that have been shut down at the moment, ‘fortunately, we have now found many courageous dog feeders who have started coming out in the street and we plan to continue our commitment till the situation is back to normal again.’

A self-confessed animal lover, Anirudh Chaudhry, co-founder & COO at, says, ‘The PokerBaazi community is fortunate to be in a position to make a sizeable impact and when we came to know about Friendicoes, we were eager to help out. We were delighted to know that we were able to become part of a campaign dedicated to helping out these voiceless animals and will continue to do whatever we can in the future.’