Fujifilm India Private Limited, in collaboration with Parwarish Cares Foundation, is running an awareness programme on child sexual abuse through a series of online educational workshops, #AaoBaatKarein. The programme is part of the company’s ‘Never Stop’ philosophy to fight child abuse.

The company claims that the programme educated around 3,500 children in over 20 schools in its first phase. The second phase has commenced this year and the company is reaching out to more number of schools.

According to the company, child sexual abuse is a pressing human rights issue and a public health concern. Despite continuous efforts, children are still devoid of education and consciousness around this issue. The focus of the workshops is on imparting awareness around the difference between safe and unsafe touch and the ways children can communicate with their parents about this issue.

On future expansion plans, Haruto Iwata, managing director, Fujifilm India, informs CauseBecause that the company is looking to expand and reach more places and schools, the vision being to ultimately reach each child in the country. Since February 2020, there have been 81 sessions (till 12 October 2020). On impact assessment, the company measures it in terms of the number of children impacted, which it claims is 7,031 till now. To evaluate post-workshop awareness, students are made to recap the lessons at the end of the session, and the whole session is made interactive wherein they share their previous knowledge and learnings.