Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has adopted a new programme called The Human Safety Net for Families which will aim to create ‘equal-life opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds across India.’ The programme will focus on promoting the concept of helping children from poor backgrounds.

 As part of Future Generali’s CSR endeavours, three programmes have been established known as The Human Safety Net (THSN), inspired by ideas put forward by Generali employees, to help families and communities transform their lives.

  1. For families – creating equal-life opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  2. For refugee start-ups – supporting refugee start-ups
  3. For newborns – saving newborns from the consequences of asphyxia

Regarding the objective behind the ‘for families’ aspect of the programme, K.G Krishnamoorthy Rao, MD and CEO, Future Generali India Insurance, told CauseBecause: ‘It is scientifically proven that the first six years are the most formative period in a child’s life. These years shape what a child will achieve in school, their health, and their future career path. Parents are the key to making these first six years a success. This programme unlocks the potential of disadvantaged parents to give their children equal-life chances.’

The company believes that India needs such an initiative to combat malnutrition, reduce child-mortality ratio, and enable children to reach their full potential.

The company kicked off THSN through a workshop with its employees, top management, the local CSR core team, over 40 local leaders, and representatives from the shortlisted NGOs. The purpose of the workshop was to brainstorm ideas and develop activities for THSN’s engagement plan.