With the launch of Garnier Green Beauty, the company has announced that it is looking to go further on its sustainability commitment, and in the process also help the beauty industry transition to a future based on sustainability. 

As per the press release shared with CauseBecause, the Green Beauty initiative is ‘a complete end-to-end approach to sustainability.’ The aim is to transform every stage of Garnier’s value chain, reducing or eradicating environmental impact in areas such as plastic and packaging, product and formula, factories and manufacturing, and sourcing.

In the context of the launch, Adrien Koskas, Garnier Global Brand President, says, ‘Green Beauty will transform the way we do business. Developed with the help of our partners, researchers and customers, this initiative highlights a range of ambitious goals, underpinned by tangible targets. We pledge to lessen our impact on the planet and innovate for a sustainable future. It will take time, but Green Beauty will transform Garnier, and we hope the beauty industry as a whole.’

Pankaj Sharma, director, Consumer Products Division, L’Oréal India, says that the initiative ‘is our journey towards contributing to a better and more sustainable planet, while also creating a community of our consumers and supporters who can take this journey with us.’

John Abraham, Garnier India brand ambassador, talks about ‘making small changes’ that will contribute towards ‘a sustainable tomorrow and a greener future.’

The Green Beauty initiative also presents an annual global Sustainability Progress Report, offering transparency on Garnier’s commitments. The report can be tracked publicly via the Garnier website and states where Garnier stands today, mapping out the process of how the brand will reach its ambitious 2025 targets.

Further, as part of L’Oréal for the Future, Garnier will be the first brand to implement
Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling. This aims to inform consumers on the environmental and social impact of their products, empowering them to make more sustainable choices. Being trialled in France and on haircare products, this labelling gives each product a sustainability score, from A to E, with products labelled ‘A’ considered best in class. The score takes into account 14 environmental factors including sourcing, manufacture, transportation, usage and recyclability.

For all of their claims, though, queries from CauseBecause sent to Garnier on a) whether the company will educate consumers about how best to recycle the product packaging and b) whether they are working with other companies in this space to give a stronger boost to sustainability for the beauty industry remain unanswered.