HCL Foundation, the CSR arm of HCL Technologies, claims to have installed over 1,000 dustbins in Noida over a period of 6 months, resulting in an increase of garbage collection by 4,000 tonnes. Done in partnership with NOIDA Authority, the objective of this initiative is to contribute towards making Noida one of the cleanest cities in the country. 

To commemorate the latest milestone, a campaign was launched in February named ‘Chakachak Valentine’ which engaged with more than 64,000 residents both offline and online. The campaign included installations of heart-shaped boards on several dustbins across the city with creative messaging that urged citizens to make Noida their valentine and express their love by separating garbage and disposing it in the correct bins. These dustbins, popularly known as Gully Bins – one each for plastic, food and household medical waste, were placed at key locations across the city. To build community structures and effective waste management systems, the campaign conducted drives in Sectors 18, 50 and 51. 

According to the company, Clean NOIDA initiative has worked on solutions to sensitise citizens and increase stakeholders’ involvement in the solid waste management system of NOIDA. Training and capacity building workshops for various stakeholders, street plays, and beautification of cleaned dumpsites through wall paintings, wall art or plantation drives have seen engagement from local residents. The ‘Be Our Valentine’ campaign, in particular, witnessed significant online engagement, reaching out to over 100,000 viewers through Instagram quizzes, polls, and user-generated content around the heart installations. 

The company spokesperson informs CauseBecause that the initiative will promote the concept of waste segregation and collection throughout the city digitally as well as through various activities like plogging drives, trash hunts, and cleaning up small villages. The impact of these campaigns is measured on the basis of:

  • Increase in the amount of waste collected across the city
  • Digital impressions and reach
  • Number of people engaged with digitally and on-ground

Clean NOIDA intends to carry out works and services to implement effective solid waste management in Noida city. It aims to transform the city into a litter- and waste-free region, covering all residential welfare associations and urban villages. The major focus areas are capacity building of relevant stakeholders, intensive behaviour change campaigns, awareness drives, and technological solutions.

In a press release shared with CB, Alok Varma, director – Clean NOIDA, said, ‘Our collaborative model and participation from the people have made the waste collection programme a success. We aim to transform waste management in Noida and help the city emerge as one of the cleanest in the country.’