A run to create awareness about ending child labour – in which 2,200 people participated – was recently organised by HDFC Bank. Called the HDFC Bank Malad Run, over 200 bank employees took part in this run. It was held in three formats of 3 km, 6 km, and 10 km.

While no funds were raised or donations made to the cause of child labour, it did serve as a qualifier for all major marathons in Mumbai. The programme’s impact is also not clear – for instance, were there talks, ads, short films, announcements, etc., to educate people about the ills of child labour and what was the extent of awareness generated and was it even measured? Perhaps the participants themselves raised funds for worthy causes on their own (a common practice these days), but it would have been much more worthwhile for the bank to gather funds, collect sponsorship, or even launch programmes targeted at child labour at this event. There’s no clarity if there were specific reasons behind the limited goal of raising awareness.

Questions mailed by CauseBecause to HDFC Bank regarding impact and whether any funds were raised towards the cause received no response.