As part of its campaign ‘From our home to your home’, the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) – under Ministry of Tribal Affairs – has been sourcing a range of natural products from diverse indigenous tribes across the country to make these accessible to more consumers. These products are available in all Tribes India outlets and Tribes India mobile vans, as well as on specific online platforms such as the Tribes India e-marketplace ( and e-tailers. 

The recently launched Tribes India e-marketplace – claimed to be India’s largest handicraft and organic products marketplace – aims to connect five lakh tribal enterprises to national and international markets, as per a statement by the ministry. The products on offer include jewellery made by the Patelia tribe from Madhya Pradesh and wooden products (chakla and belan) and attractive metal jalis made by the Adim Janjati tribes and Lohra tribes of Jharkhand, to organic varieties of pulses and spices sourced from the Vasava tribes of Gujarat, an assortment of produce (honey, jams, rice, etc.) from the Kharwar and Oraon tribes of Jharkhand, and Giant Rock bee honey, variants of millet rice, tamarind and black pepper from the Malayali tribes of Tamil Nadu. Herbal and Ayurvedic products are also available.