Legrand India has announced the inauguration of a new medical health centre for the people in Haridwar and Jalgaon as part of its CSR. The Legrand Telemedicine Health Center, in association with Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, will aid in free super-speciality tele-consulting for patients for whom specialist healthcare is difficult to access. 

The centre will bring specialist doctors together for checkup and enable patients to connect with the doctors real-time through audio/video technology. Patients can diagnose and submit their health data such as BP, blood test and x-ray online which will be made available remotely to the doctor sitting at Nanavati Hospital with the help of paramedical staff available at the centre. Doctor and patient can then be connected real-time through audio-video. According to the company, this CSR project is designed to be sustainable and scalable since it can be replicated in other locations for Legrand. 

The company spokesperson informs CauseBecause that doctors are available every day at Nanavati Hospital for remote patients and will assist them based on their requirements. The centre provides patients health facilities like BP, blood test, x-ray, etc. Legrand has deputed field workers on the ground to reach out to locals in different parts of the villages to inform and educate them.

In a press release shared with CB, Tony Berland, CEO and MD, Legrand India, has stated: ‘As a part of our worldwide CSR effort, we are actively involved in providing tele-health facilities for remote communities in India. As a leading provider of connected products, it made complete sense to leverage this approach for helping the community and try to bridge the huge gap of healthcare accessibility in India. Over 10,000 people have availed of tele-consultations successfully at our centres.’