In November, LG Electronics India celebrated Diwali by commemorating its initiative called Karein Roshni. In 2019, LG Electronics had pledged to support Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital and Sankara Eye Foundation and help people who could not afford eye-transplant surgeries due to financial constraints. Under this initiative, LG launched a video showcasing the journey of a farmer who lost his vision while working in farms and how timely medical care helped him get back his vision.

The video is the story of a farmer, Anil, who loved his work and wanted to provide his family with the best of everything. The story moves to his dark past where he lost his vision after an unfortunate accident. As the story progresses, we see Anil getting the right treatment at Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. The video ends by showcasing Anil’s happy smiling face after getting back his sight. The video can be watched here:

In response to CB’s questions, the company spokesperson clarifies that it has pledged support for 800 cornea surgeries.

In a press release, Young Lak Kim, managing director, LG Electronics India, states that ‘this unique initiative is LG’s small step to contribute to the society by bringing vision to people’s lives who cannot afford quality care.’

Dr Umang Mathur, executive director, Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, has some important information to add: ‘In India, around 4.8 million people suffer from  blindness and 0.35 million people from corneal blindness. In fact, corneal blindness has become the second biggest reason after cataract for blindness, with 20,000–25,000 patients added every year. With our patient numbers and corneal-transplant surgeries growing by the day, any kind of support from brands like LG Electronics always helps.’