Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company Okinawa organised an event in Gurugram to promote tree planting and spread awareness on air pollution, called OXI Drive. This initiative is part of the company’s efforts to create awareness around solutions to reduce pollution. So far the company has planted over 100 trees in government senior secondary schools, the primary objective being to make students aware of environmental issues.

The event saw participation from Okinawa employees, students, teachers, and Okinawa founders. To promote electric vehicles (EV), Okinawa had also organised a drive from NCR to Khardung La (the highest motorable road in India) on its electric vehicle iPraise. The purpose behind the Khardung La ride on Okinawa e-scooters was to burst the myth associated with EVs in terms of efficiency.

In a press release shared with CB, Jeetender Sharma, MD and founder of Okinawa, said, ‘Fighting air pollution is our ultimate aim. The whole idea behind Okinawa is to help people adapt to clean solutions and value the air they breathe. The real reason behind deteriorating air quality is that people still do not take responsibility at their individual levels. The only way to become responsible is to learn these things right at the beginning.’

In response to CB’s queries, Sharma clarifies that the company plans to organise more tree-planting drives since their main objective is to work towards e-mobility and create a pollution-free environment. However, the tangible impact of these initiatives is still not clear, aside from an increase in sales of its EVs.