There are lots of different kinds of studies and the environment is one of them. The environment is something which people play with a lot. They throw garbage in the water and cut down trees, obviously not caring about how it can affect things.

Even though a lot of the environment is played with, some of the environment is not or cannot be played with. Now I am talking about things such as earthquakes and tornados. Those are things that happen on nature’s own will. All of these things have already been said by someone or another, and earthquakes make appearances in the news almost every week. Perhaps they do happen every week!

But there is no point in repeating stuff. Let’s face it, it’s already been written! But there are some teeny small things that happen ‘behind the screens’ we people don’t know. Sure we know that some trees are beginning to become extinct, but do we bother to know which trees are going extinct? No is the answer for that.

I’m only taking a quick guess here, people, but I say that studies show that only like 7 per cent out of 100 bother knowing things like that. Ask yourselves, wouldn’t it be nice to know which trees are extinct or going to be extinct? That way you can know which trees you have to plant, rather than taking a blunt guess. Of course, you would only actually want to know this if you like planting trees and want to help the environment.

That’s a major problem here on earth. You can’t make a person want to do something if they don’t. We can plead some people out of stuff but only the fewest you can plead with. If they want to litter onto the road, they certainly will. If they want to waste water and also dirty it in the bargain, they definitely will. If they want to waste paper, you can be sure that they will.

But the worst part of this is that they don’t do it deliberately. They just don’t know. The people who do know mostly do their best to explain, but even after being told, some people still do it. And they will do it till their lives end. Which will probably end very soon because of what they do. And that is why I am in great need to tell all of you who are reading this, this. And so that the environment is less played with, I am in even greater need for you share this with the dumb people who do what I just talked/wrote about.

Eight-year-old Rayna is a reader first, and editor, writer, blogger, observer of nature and animals, painter, mechanic, guitar and harmonica player, etc., during her spare time. She also does duty as young thinker at CauseBecause, participating in crucial meetings and every once in a while pointing out stuff that her older colleagues miss. She blogs at: