A self-help group (SHG) in the Dang region of Gujarat has started an enterprise called the Nagli Processing Unit. The SHG is currently run by 10 members under the umbrella of Ridhhi-Siddhi SHG. It produces nagli products throughout the year, enabling livelihood enhancements for its members. This has been achieved with the help of UPL Limited.

Finger millet, traditionally known as nagli, is the staple crop of this region but due to the changing pattern in Dang district the produce has been steadily decreasing. The SHG women in village Nadak Khadi then started a local business of baking and selling nagli cookies that retained the nutritional value of the crop.

While they managed to start baking in small quantities and after several trial and errors perfected the product, they were struggling due to poor infrastructure and erratic electricity that often disrupted the production supply. UPL Limited supported the SHG by renovating their building and providing necessary infrastructural support, such as ceiling and exhaust fan and storage cupboard for raw material and finished products, to restart their enterprise. With the installation of a generator, constant electricity supply, and reduced damages of semi-finished products, the production process now works smoothly.

The official spokesperson of UPL informs CauseBecause that earlier the SHG was earning around Rs 10,000–Rs 12,000 monthly and now they receive regular orders and earn Rs 20,000–Rs 25,000 monthly.

With the help of this intervention the SHG women have evolved into entrepreneurs. Along with cookies, the enterprise has started producing a variety of products such as toast, butter, bread/paav, nagli papad and laddoo. The SHG women now receive regular job orders thanks to the market linkages that have been established with the support of UPL Limited. It is expected that many more women will join the business as the brand gets established.