Establishing a mandate to help create more access and opportunity for people living with disabilities, has announced more than ₹54 million (US$800,000) in grant funding to three non-government organisations (NGOs) – Ratnanhidi Charitable Trust, Leprosy Mission Trust India, and Public Health Foundation India. The grants are a part of Google Impact Challenge for disabilities, an initiative to invest US$20 million in non-profits that are using emerging technologies to increase independence for disabled people.  

While the grant to Ratnanhidi Charitable Trust will help them provide improved access to artificial legs through 3D scanning and printing technologies, Leprosy Mission Trust India will establish a facility to create customised protective footwear for people with leprosy. Public Health Foundation India will develop a mobile app that allows easy access to government-provided disability benefits.  

‘Innovative technologies are already helping to improve everyday life for people living with disabilities. Through these grants, we want to empower organisations to build impactful solutions that will create better access for people living with disabilities in India,’ read a statement from Rajan Anandan, vice president and managing director, Google India and Southeast Asia, in a media release shared with CauseBecause.  

Globally, has donated over US$100 million in grants and US$1 billion in technology resources in 2015 alone.