Earlier in January, the first-ever Environmental Clearance (EC) certificate to an inland container depot (ICD) was awarded by the ministry of environment, forests and climate change to APM Terminals Inland Services’ integrated ICD and supply-chain solutions facility at Chakan, Pune. This recently inaugurated supply-chain solutions facility can now store, handle, transport and deliver hazardous chemicals in any form. This is a critical requirement for all industries dealing with chemicals in domestic and international trade, and is also a safeguard for the environment.

The purpose of the EC is to identify, examine, assess and evaluate the probable impacts of a proposed project or activity on the environment. It also works out remedial action plans to minimise adverse environmental impact and ensure the safety of employees, visitors, contractors and local communities.

The facility is equipped with a yard capable of handling 60,000 containers annually, bonded and non-bonded export-import warehouses, and a domestic warehouse. Other services include customs clearance, empty container acceptance, transportation solutions, and container repairs. Chakan is one of India’s fastest growing hubs for industrial development and home to several chemical-intensive manufacturers.

India is the third largest chemical producer in Asia and its domestic industry is projected to reach $403 Bn by 2025. The growing gap between the need for qualified service providers and their availability is a challenge in this industry and ECs help mitigate some of the key concerns.

The company did not respond to CB’s questions on APM’s other facilities and environmental initiatives.