In December 2018, a heritage restoration project and a waste management project were inaugurated respectively in Delwara and Kelwara towns of Rajasthan by InterGlobe Foundation (the philanthropic arm of InterGlobe Group) and the NGO Seva Mandir. Both towns are regarded as having important historic and tourist value. Kelwara houses the well-known Kumbhalgarh fort.

The primary purpose of the restoration project is to make Indra Kund in Delwara a safe public space, especially for women and young girls who have few such options in smaller towns. Increased tourism will also be an additional benefit for Delwara.

The 19th-century Indra Kund stepwell was once a public space and a source of water for the local community but fell into disuse after decades of neglect. InterGlobe Foundation’s aim is to assist the efforts of the citizens of Delwara, the local panchayat, Seva Mandir and Devigarh to restore the stepwell to its former glory.

The spokesperson of InterGlobe informed CB that the project would include cleaning the water, restoring its stonework, dredging the bottom, and fencing. Indra Kund also had a rare historic Persian wheel which will be recreated and reinstalled. After the cleaning of the Kund, it will become a source of clean and usable water. Here, the Foundation hopes to use its experience with the restoration of Rahim’s Tomb in Delhi. The local citizens’ forum and Seva Mandir will be responsible for the day-to-day management.

The commencement of the renovation project was attended by Rohini Bhatia, chairperson, InterGlobe Foundation, and Ajay Mehta, a trustee of Seva Mandir, along with other members of the project.

The waste management and cleaning-up project in Kelwara will entail setting up of waste collection and proper disposal mechanisms through the support of the gram panchayat, local citizens, hotels and other stakeholders.

Currently, InterGlobe Foundation and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture are working together on Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khanan’s tomb in Nizamuddin, Delhi.