The Pune Zilla Parishad held a felicitation ceremony last month for companies that had been actively participating in social development in Pune district, with Volkswagen India being one of them. The Zilla Parishad commended Volkswagen India for the modern facilities in the Zilla Parishad school, running a mobile health clinic, and overall development efforts in the district.

The ceremony was held at the Zilla Parishad office, Pune, and the citation was presented to Volkswagen India by Supriya Sule, member of parliament, Lok Sabha. In all, 48 companies along with Volkswagen India were felicitated at the function and thanked for their support and investment in developing a better Pune district.

Pankaj Gupta, CSR head, Volkswagen India, told CB that the Zilla Parishad did not select companies on the basis of any evaluation or nomination, but simply felicitated companies and NGOs who had carried out noteworthy CSR projects in and around the district. The Parishad did not request for any impact-assessment report of these projects.

Volkswagen has stated its commitment to the overall development of Pune district through contribution in the fields of sanitation, education, road safety and health-related projects, with examples such as constructing a school in Phadkewasti, Nighoje, and running a mobile health clinic. As per Gupta, the school has been designed to accommodate around 120 students. It is also equipped with amenities like a rainwater-harvesting system, a greywater-treatment system that will enable cana and banana plants to grow on campus, and solar power.