The company claims that it is ‘using 1 glass of water to create 1 pair of jeans’, having achieved this feat through improvised processes and technology. To put this in some perspective, traditionally a pair of jeans requires 70 litres of water to complete the washing and finishing process.

One of India’s first indigenously manufactured denim labels, Numero Uno has over the years been investing in environment-friendly processes – examples being installation of laser machines to replace sand blasting; employing G2/Ozone process and ECO wash/Nano bubble tech to reduce the use of water and harmful chemicals; and switching to using more and more blended fabrics (instead of 100% cotton), using fabrics made from recycled and post-consumer waste yarns, as well as Tencel & hemp blends, etc. The laundry has an ETP plant as well as zero-discharge technology wherein the entire water discharged is recycled and reused after getting treated. The design team works closely with Jeanologia, a global leader in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textiles, to create collections that have reduced impact on the environment.

On the launch of ‘One glass water denims’ collection, Numero Uno’s CMD Narinder Singh says: ‘We believe that we can create attractive-looking denims and protect our natural resources at the same time. This collection is actually an initiative to address the harmful impact of industrial wash processes of making jeans.’

Priced at Rs 1,899 onwards, the collection is available at and Numero Uno stores, as also on online fashion stores like Myntra.