The ‘Plant a Tree’ initiative by the plant-based nutrition brand begins in January 2022 and will be an ongoing programme. Plix has pledged to plant a tree (seed) for every single purchase made by its customers. The company has earmarked a land parcel in Maharashtra to plant the saplings. 

Founded in 2019 by Rishubh Satiya and Akash Zaveri, Plix is ‘on a mission to transform the dietary and lifestyle habits of people globally,’ as per the press release shared with CauseBecause. Its products are 100% plant-based and do not contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, flavours or colours. The company has products across categories such as weight loss, hair and skin nutrition, daily wellness, women’s health, and workout.

Explaining the initiative, co-founder Rishubh Satiya says: ‘Environmental sustainability and wellness are complementary to each other. We can’t achieve the goal of environmental protection if we continue to consume foods sourced from animals. Similarly, merely eating clean food is also a siloed approach. As a responsible brand that is committed to helping people eat green and live healthier, Plix has decided that sustainability will always be at the core of our operations. The “Plant a Tree” campaign is also a way of fulfilling that commitment. Unlike other similar initiatives, ours will be a continuous and ongoing effort. Every time a customer buys a Plix product, we will plant a tree. Thus, they stand to not only improve their own wellness, but also contribute to environmental conservation.’

Globally, agriculture is responsible for a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, three-quarters of them coming from livestock farming alone. Some reports state that India’s farm sector accounts for 14% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions.