On March 3, Volvo Cars India executed an awareness activity on air pollution to educate people on its harmful effects and encourage solutions for environment sustainability. This integrated programme, called #BreatheFree, included social media, digital campaign, dealer activations and CSR activities across schools in Delhi NCR to sensitise children about air quality. It was executed by Volvo Car India and its partners Mindshare (a part of GroupM) and AFCSR (ASSOCHAM Foundation of CSR).

As part of the programme, Volvo Cars has fitted 50 school buses in Delhi NCR with ‘Minus2point5’ – a device that is attached to the exhaust pipe of vehicles and reduces air pollution by converting PM2.5 particles in the ambient air into coarser dust and making them fall to the ground. The device was developed by tech start-up PerSapien Innovations and has been well received by the school authorities, according to the company. PerSapien also fitted the interiors of the school buses with PM2.5 air filters which reduce the entry of PM2.5 inside the buses, making the air clean for children to breathe.

In a press release shared with CB, Charles Frump, managing director, Volvo Cars India, said, ‘BreatheFree was a success last year with children making DIY air-filters. This year we have upped the ante and made BreatheFree an even bigger success in democratising clean air. The programme is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability.’

CB’s questions on the reach and impact of this activity and details of the ‘Minus2point5’ device did not receive any response from the company.